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Get personalized one-on-one instruction to help you be the best you can be.

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Focused, personalized private acting coaching can be one of the best ways to accelerate your development as an artist. Want to find out how working with Luke could help you grow as an actor?

One on One Sessions

Personalized Study

Create a personal course of study catered to whatever you need the most.

Individual Attention

With a private coach, you have the time and attention to get specific, individual guidance.

Focused growth

Grow and improve faster than ever with a personal plan of action and focused attention.

About private coaching with Luke

Most frequent questions and answers

Private coaching sessions with Luke are scheduled in hour blocks.

1 session – $75
4 session block $250 ($50 discount)

If you would like to work with Luke, the first step is to schedule a free call. Click here to get started.

None! Luke works with actors of all levels – from experienced working professionals to beginners who are just trying out acting for the very first time.

While there is no experience requirement, Luke is selective about the student he takes on board, and will conduct a free initial interview to help determine whether you would be a good fit for his particular style of teaching.

No. As long as you have a phone or computer capable of joining Zoom calls, you will not need to purchase anything for your sessions.

Ongoing students may occasionally be encouraged to buy a particular play or script to study from.

Online sessions are conducted via Zoom. You will need to have a computer with a webcam, or a smart phone to join the sessions. You can download the software for your device here.

While previous experience is not required, Luke does conduct an initial phone screening with all interested students to make sure they are a good fit for his particular approach to the work.

If you’re interested in seeing whether you might be a good fit, click here to schedule an introductory call with Luke.

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