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Luke works with actors of all levels who want to become better, more confident artists, and find a greater sense of purpose and connection in their work.

What Luke Teaches


“In addition to being an actor myself, I have been working with actors for more than twenty years as a director, coach, and acting teacher.

For an actor to reach their full potential, I believe they must learn and develop not only their technique, but themselves. My methods incorporate the fundamentals of actor training with insights from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, meditation, and mindfulness to help actors develop an approach that enlivens their connection to their work, and to their own creative spirit…”

The truth is the entire game is about creating an illusion, and for whatever reason, and mad as it may sound, some part of me can allow myself to believe for a period of time without questioning, and that’s the trick.

Daniel Day-Lewis


Luke is an experienced and supportive instructor who encouraged me to bring who I am into the role, ask and answer every question of the women I portrayed, taught me strong techniques for learning, listening, understanding and remembering lines. Luke brings self confidence and insight to his students. I hope to work with and learn from him again...
Laurie Coker
Vindication, On Fire
Luke has been instrumental in my growth as an actor. Being that he is an actor himself he really understands how to mold one's craft with the perspective of a true artist. The personal connection that he brings to the room is extremely in-depth, helpful, and inspiring. I attribute much of my current film success to the many hours of Luke and I working on my personal craft...
Austin Nash
Fear the Walking Dead
Calling Luke simply an acting coach is an understatement to the power he possesses in transforming the artist. Luke simply goes beyond just teaching you the methods of acting. He communicates how to be a human being full of depth, understanding, awareness. To work with Luke is to explore and tap into the highest form of your artistry...
Miya Goodwin
Twinsies, Black Gold.

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